In the name of Allah most Gracious Most Merciful – As salaamu Alaikum – Peace be upon you

We are a non profit organisation based in the U.K. This website is aimed at promoting Islam and what it really stands for – PEACE and UNITY –

We have specially created sets of posters on various themes aimed at providing Islamic knowledge and Islamic education, for Muslims, Non-Muslims, young or old and also for Reverts. The posters are excellent for use in Outreach Programs, Exhibitions or Classrooms. These posters have already been distributed across the the U.K and all over the world and are being used by different organisations. These posters can be found in Schools, Mosques, Community / Exhibition Centres, Prisons, Homes etc.

The posters are very simple to read and understand and touch on the main topics in Islam. If you are a member of a School, Masjid (Mosque), Islamic organisation or any Non Islamic organisation in any country and you need an English poster to promote and understand Islam, then we can help you – Inshallaah –

Scroll through the posters and if you see a poster you like, simply click download and then take it to your local printers to get them printed.

If you would like for us to design a poster for a Islamic event such as lectures, Qiraat programmes, etc., then visit or call/text 07973214603. If you have a idea for a Islamic education poster and you would like us to help you to design it, then these please email or call us.

We also request that you tell others especially imaam’s, religious Scholars and organisations, school teachers, multi-faith groups, Chaplin’s in prisons or anywhere about this website..